About Lindy

I am fortunate to have been raised in a loving family which shared massage. My mom massaged away my “growing pains” during childhood when I experienced some quick growth spurts.

I am an organic gardener;  sometimes  selling some of the harvests of our gardens locally and sharing some with our local food bank. Besides growing veggies, I am somewhat addicted to growing Dahlias, and herbs. I am an ongoing student of herbal medicines and indigenous  healing ways and as I learn about new herbs that will grow here, they often end up being encouraged to take root in one of the garden beds on our land.

I love laughter, authenticity, Nature!!, water in all it’s wonderful forms (with a special affinity for the magical dewdrops). I enjoy learning and teaching.

I have lived here in Rockbridge County since 1986 . Other places I have called home include Miami, Florida, NE Georgia, North Carolina, and Kauai, Hawaii. I have a great love for the Blue Ridge Mountains and truly the whole Appalachian Mountain Chain.

My worklife has included cooking in natural foods restaurants, working in adventure-based learning and ropes courses, doing Social work with challenged populations, and weaving. I feel very fortunate to have come to massage as a way to make livelihood. It is a wonderful way to be of service to others as well as to my self.


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